Names + Places

March 9th, 2009

Well, I’m on my way! I’ve been thinking more about trail names. I wanted to go with something train related, as I’ve been taking so many trains recenty, but Gunzel (an Australian railfan) and Shunter (a short distance locomotive) just didn’t seem to fit. So I’ve been thinking about using Bender. I was think about Burning Tree too, but that would be unfair to Aimee and too generous to Portland.

Also a cool update! You can now follow my location and view photos in the sidebar by clicking the links under “Where’s Matthew?”

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2 Responses to “Names + Places”

  1. bonnieb Says:

    Not a bad idea, I think I like it

  2. aimee Says:

    I like Bender, but I don’t mind if you’re Burning Tree.