Rabies 991.0

June 3rd, 2009

Man oh man, only 19 miles to go. Still haven’t decided if I’m going to make it in one push or stretch it out. About half way through the roller coaster now. The past two days have been threatening thunderstorms but haven’t rained. The humidity is stiffling and sweat just beads on my skin and drips off as if it were raining. But I don’t mind. The trails been exilherating out of the shennies. For instance, Early Bear was bit by a rabid skunk at 5:30 this morning after it attacked and sprayed Angry Beaver and Prairie Dog. It chased them over a mile down the trail despite being hit by rocks, sticks, and pepper sprayed in the face. It finally stopped following them when Early Bear bludgeoned it to death with his hiking staff. Weird! I remember smelling skunk…


The retelling of Early Bear vs. Skunk at Bear's Den

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One Response to “Rabies 991.0”

  1. bonnieb Says:

    OK, OK, OK, it really is time to put this to rest!!!!!!!!