Montrail Comps

June 11th, 2009

Around the same time my rain gear was failing, my shoes also failed.  I had noticed that my old REI boots were tearing at the seems, but this was expected as I had put well over 500 miles into these boots, and had had them repaired once before.  So when I was in Damascus I got a new pair of Montrail Comps, a sort of hybrid shoe / boot.  After five days of hiking the rubber soles were already peeling off the shoes!  I couldn’t believe it, and when I got to Pearisburg sent them back.  One thing Montrail has over Marmot is that if your gear fails, they will ship you a replacement, and charge you for it, so you have something to use when you send your stuff to warranty.  Then, if they decided it really is a warranty problem they refund your credit card.  So I was able to pick up my Torres (full boot) in Pearisburg and keep walking.  The Torres have done much better.  They originally felt like concrete blocks strapped to my feet (they are big heavy boots), but they are bullet proof.  After about a week of use my feet started getting blisters on the heels, which was weird because the boots were getting more broken in, but a slew of blister bandages cleared it up.  I have heard that the Montrail Hardrocks destroy peoples’ heels during the first week of use.  I wouldn’t not get the Torres again, but I’d probably get a different brand.  In any case, I highly recommend Vibram soles.  Both my old REIs and the Torres have Vibram soles, and they hold up very well.

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