June 12th, 2009

The first thing I noticed when I got to DC was that, amazingly, there were as many women in the train station as there were men.  Might not seem that weird to you, but after living for three months with a 4 to one men to women ratio, I was somewhat dumbfounded.  So yeah, Ladies, if you’re looking for athletic guys in their 20’3 or 60’s, try hiking the trail.

Another thing that’s been weird is just being around people who don’t have the exact same goal as you.  Like, there are all these people living their own lives in the world.  It’s kind of nuts.  I got quite used to everyone doing the same thing and having the same good times and having same problems.

My ability to multi task is at an abominable low, but using the computer is helping it come back.  Decisions are still daunting; there’s so many more options off trail!

And I totally miss fast food.

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